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Trisomie 21 – Passions Divisées LP


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SIDE A See The Devil In Me (Special Mix) Relapse Djakarta Moving By You SIDE B Is Anybody Home? (Part I) La Fête Triste No Way Love For A Life Trisomie 21 is a post punk band formed in 1981 by Phillipe Lomprez (vocals, drums) and Hervé Lomprez (guitar, electronics), two brothers from Abscon, in the North of France. They began composing songs at the age of 16 while studying at school. The brothers were influenced by Kraftwerk, The Residents, Yello, P.I.L as well as the films of George A. Romero. Their music consists of lush soundscapes that do not easily fit into any one category. Lyrics are sung in English because in the north of France the duo sought to contradict the trend at the time for everything to be sung in French. Musically their mood is melancholic and one can hear traces of Joy Division, Durutti Column and The Cure. Since 1983 they’ve recorded 15 albums and appeared on numerous compilations and remain active to this day. After the success of the debut mini-LP the band returned to the studio and spent October 1983 to March 1984 recording their sophomore album. ‘Passions divisées’ was released by Stechak Products in October 1984. Pascal Tison was replaced by Laurent Dagnicourt on bass guitar. Featuring eight cold wave compositions including the instrumental funeral waltz “La fête triste”. Songs cross genres, moving from post-punk to synthetic electronics. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The LP is housed in a replica of the original jacket featuring a artwork by Sourdeval and includes a photo postcard featuring lyrics and notes.

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