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Units – High Pressure Days 7″


About this product

SIDE A High Pressure Days Cannibals SIDE B Work Cowboy Units – High Pressure Days 7″ Original Pressing found in drummer Richard Driskell’s archives. Come housed in original unstamped paper sleeve. Units were a synth punk band formed in San Francisco in 1978. This was a private release from 1979. “Synthesizer bands don’t normally thrill. Rather, they tend to lull the listener, falsifying and distorting the images and ideas at hand. San Francisco’s Units are not that kind of synthesizer band. All four songs on this EP (even the instrumental!) are straightforward, exciting, lyrical experiments in understanding the beast and making it rock. Two machines and a drummer. Not pastoral visions but urban ones. Not peaceful, still angry. Not satisfied, still probing and asking questions. New life brought to old techniques. How surprising. How wonderful.” New York Rocker, November 1979

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