All The Drugs You Can Eat Vol 1


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All The Drugs You Can Eat Vol. 1 No. 1, 1983, 200 printed. Staple-bound self-wraps, 16 pages illustrated black and white. Produced by John Crawford, the illustrator behind the Baboon Dooley comics. “I’m putting this out because Maximum Rock and Roll mailed me some pretty harsh statements they’ve written about myself. Real intimidation stuff. They’ve totally misinterpreted what it is I do. Why? Damn if I can tell, maybe they don’t like the cartoons or something. Maybe they’re nuts. Crawford argued that the left-wing arguments of Maximum Rocknroll, the attempts to deepen punk’s politics, did little to counter the Reagan agenda. A veteran of the 1960s, he blamed the hippies and yippies and other cultural radicals for the backlash that elected Richard Nixon. Contains news on The Misfits and an interview with Flipper. Measures 7 x 8.5"

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