Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine 1976 Jan – June


About this product

4 issues from 1975 of Interview Magazine the creative lovechild of Andy Warhol and John Wilcock, was born in 1969 and quickly rose to great acclaim. Warhol being the famous artist and Wilcock, the reputable journalist, the two made a fabulous duo who obviously knew how to spark conversation and generate buzz within the erupting pop culture scene. From the minute Interview magazine came to life, it changed the trajectory of journalism norms and pushed the envelope. January: Donna Summer, Marisa Berenson, Suni Agnelli, Lily Tomlin, Bruce Dern February: Burt Reynolds, Patti Smith, Ida Lupino, Ally Sheedy April: Ginger Rogers, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, Edgar Winter May: William Burroughs, Patrick Lichfield, Goldie Hawn, Holly Woodlawn June: Dustin Hoffman, Beverly Johnson, Lisa Taylor, Tennessee Williams, Fiorucci

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