Art Modern Catalog 1957


About this product

Art Modern Catalog from Newark NJ, 1957! 4 pages offset black and white printing with orange spot color on front. “ART MODERN” has been set up to supply artists, sculptors, students, and others who have a legitimate need for undraped and unretouched completely nude models with now legal photos which will allow you to examine and work from a photograph showing no disfiguring broken lines thus offering you an integral example of body perfection. This will save you many dollars from hiring live models and our photo models can be kept and used OVER and OVER. “ART MODERN” has spared no effort nor expense to bring you TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONAL MODELS in artistic poses excellently photographed with the finest equipment. We are now offering famous physique models that you have heard of such as RAY ANDERSON, JACK DeMARCO, AL WILLISCH, FRANK LOMBARDO, and CHRIS MARRA. Measures 8.5×11″

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