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BLACK SHEETS; Kinky Queer Intelligent Irreverent. No. 12, 1997. 52 pages including covers, underground ‘Zine-style gay/lesbian/sex-positive magazine featuring stories, articles, reports, verse and graphics of a sexual, underground culture nature. Sex Pioneers issue. San Francisco in the Seventies. Articles include: Queer American Pie, a report by Bill Brent; Cumming Out in the ’70s, by Derek (with photo of auto-fellatio); Street Fairs Then… and Now (photos); Remembering the Catacombs – interviews conducted by Jill Nagle and Bill Brent; Hothouse Flowers – interviews by Bill Brent; Remembrance of Cynthia Slater by Doug Harrison (aka Puma). Illustrations by Paul T. Olson, D.B. Velveeda, and Carolyn Kayta Barrows. Photography by Crawford Barton, Doug Harrison, and Bill Brent. Fiction by Carol Queen and Thomas Roche. Poetry by Simon Sheppard and Ian Ayres (“Allen Ginsberg Gave Great Head”).

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