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BLACK SHEETS; Kinky Queer Intelligent Irreverent. No. 17, 2000. Underground 'Zine-style gay/lesbian/sex-positive magazine featuring stories, articles, reports, verse and graphics of a sexual, underground culture nature. Public Sex issue. Articles include: Masturbation Memoirs, by Doug Harrison. Public Sex with Style! by Fetish Diva Midori. Sex Lives of the Homeless, by Charles Anders. Urinal, by Bill Brent. Apocryphal Revelation, by TruDeviant. Ombo's Breeder Roundup, by Steve Omlid. Rough Cut, by Simon Sheppard. PEter, by Lori Selke. Whores Left Out of Conference, Book on Prostitution, by Ann DiLorenzo. Photography by Phyllis Christopher, Efrain Gonzalez, Keith Bowers, Aaron Browne etc

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