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BLOTTER #4 . Santa Cruz, CA: Psychedelic Education Center, 1979. Scarce psychedelic magazine published in the period after the '60s explosion, but before the revival of interest in hallucinogens during the mid-1980s. Produced by the late Bruce Eisner and Peter Stafford.Includes Women Psychedelicists Secrets of California Pot Growers Time-Tunnels into the '80s Golas on LSD Dear Higher Consciousness and much more, including many rare photos of a period conference of psychedelic explorers like Timothy Leary, Humphrey Osmond, Al Hubbard, Ron Siegel, and many others.Very hard to find -- a must-own for anyone interested in any of the above subjects, or in the "psychedelic underground" of '70s California! 66 pages measures 8.25 x 10.5 inches.

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