Burt Reynolds Hot Line


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Burt Reynolds Hot Line: The Letters I Get.. And Write (1972) "Burt Reynolds is America's newest Sex Symbol, star of movies, TV, stage, and Cosmo centerfolds. Passion flower to eager femmes from 80 to 80, he is a virile, witty, gracious, warm lovable, hotter'n firecrackers hunk of male who likes nothing better than reclining his fabulous fanny on bearskin rugs, rapping with his fans and their endless stream of letters. And what letters they write! Raunchy, desperate, funny, frantic, sassy, saucy, weird and whacky! Burt takes 'em all in stride, never blowing his fantastic cool as he answers some pretty way-out queries. And wait'll you get a load of Burt's sexy new photos, all posed exclusively for this book! Are you ready? Can you stand it? Turn the pages!"

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