Celebrate the Self


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Celebrate the Self, The Magazine of Solo Sex. Published by Factor Press, Mobile, Alabama. Complete Run of 43 Issues from 1993 to 2000. Vol 1 No 1-4, Vol 2 No 1-5, Vol 3 No 1-6, Vol 4 No 1-6 plus bonus issue, Vol 5 No 1-6, Vol 6 No 1-6, Vol 7 No 1-6. Vol 8 No 1-3. Mostly all issues are black and white 8×11 inches with stories, articles, pictures devoted to solo male sex. Features Joe Dallesandro, Ode to a Penis. Golden Phallus Award Winner. The Last Half Century of Sex. My weirdest J/O winners. In Praise of Lust. Party in My Pants. Men’s Guide to Autofellatio. Penile Skin Care. Do-It-Yourself Sex Toys, plus book and video reviews.

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