Cockettes Les Ghouls Poster


About this product

Halloween Horror Spectacular! with The Cockettes on stage in Les Ghouls at the Palace Theatre, 1970. Black and Orange lithograph on white paperstock. Excellent early Cockettes effort from Todd Trexler, who lived next door to Nocturnal Dream show founder Milton Myron (Sebastian). Poster has a large orange circle in the center with a black and white drawing of a man and woman embracing. Their clothes are torn and shredded at the bottom. The man is wearing a necklace of a circle pendant with a crescent moon shape. Above them is “The Cockettes/ on stage in les ghouls at the Palace Theatre.” Below is “Halloween horror spectacular! On screen: Night of the Living Dead/ Tickets: Thursday & Friday $3.00 Saturday 3.50 Includes:/ Midnight show/ Saturday Night only/ come at 12 pay $2.00 & see/ Last hour of Cockettes &/ Masque of the Red Death/ Roger Corman’s color dripping masterpieces/ Bluebeard Edgar G. Ulmer/ The Cat & The Canary Paul Leni/ Columbus at Powell – San Francisco/ Complete Shows: 8PM/ October 29 -30 – 31.” Bottom right drawing has “Todd Trexler 1970” printed in black. Measures 24 in HIGH x 19 in WIDE. Yes this poster is part of MoMa’s permanent collection too…

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