Committee for Homosexual Freedom Flyer


About this product

The Committee for Homosexual Freedom Flyer from April 1969 for a Gay Strike Picket Monday Thru Friday 12 til 1pm outside the offices of State Steamship Line at 320 California Street in San Francisco. The Committee for Homosexual Freedom (CHF) was a radical gay and lesbian rights organization founded in San Francisco in April 1969 by gay activists Leo E. Laurence and Gayle Whittington. The group’s first major focus was on protesting businesses that practiced discriminatory hiring and firing practices, allowed police raids, and promoted anti-gay rhetoric. In April, 1969, the group protested The San Francisco Steamship Lines Company for firing Gale Whittington, Leo Laurence’s boyfriend, for being a homosexual. The picketing of the steamship company began with signs saying, “Let Gays Live,” “Free The Queers” and “Freedom for Homos Now.” However, the protest also had an anti-Vietnam war message, as the Steamship Lines Company delivered supplies to U.S. troops in South East Asia. Original lithograph rainbow print on white paper measures 8.5×11″

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