Copi – Plays Vol. 1


About this product

Copi – Plays Vol. 1. Includes Eva Peron; Homosexual; Four Twins; Loretta Strong. First edition by Calder, 1976 “This collection brings together four of Copi’s best-known works for stage: Eva Perón, The Homosexual, The Four Twins and Loretta Strong. Set on the borderline of reality and delirium, and featuring such charismatic icons as Eva Perón and Greta Garbo, they are imbued with Copi’s trademark racy wit and manic pace, intended at once to shock the bien-pensant and to open up radically new insights. The product of one of the most talked-about dramatists in the French language since Arrabal and the advent of the theatre of panic, Copi’s works continue to shock and challenge all they come into contact with.”

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