Counter Culture: The Allure of Mini-Mannequins


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Counter Culture: The Allure of Mini-Mannequins by Louise Fili& Steven Heller. Hardcover First Edition, 2002. If sex sells, what better come-on for merchants of the repressed decades of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s than the come-hither wink of a coquettish countertop mannequin? In Counter Culture, Steven Heller and Louise Fili take us on a colorful peep show of these sexy, sometimes erotic, but always fetishistic, plaster bodies and body parts. Theirs is a surreal look at how mannequins play on consumers’ desires, acting as agents of seduction, beckoning us toward that ultimate act–the consumption of goods. In this entertaining book, Heller and Fili unearth the fault line between sex and shopping–between voyeurism and “just looking”–that underlies much of modern commerce

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