D.O.C.: Issue 1


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D.O.C.: Issue 1. The Real Life E-Romance of Two Cock Hungry Sluts. Published 1996 in Berkeley, CA by Paul Beckford and Kevin Dax. DOC stands for Drunk On Cum and documents the real-life email romance that unfolds between two men in cyberspace. Shockingly provocative and unabashedly honest, D.O.C. takes the reader deep inside the wild San Francisco gay scene of the late 1990's and documents the sexual exploits and romantic aspirations of two lusty Californian men. Cruise favorite sex haunts, from sex clubs and bathhouses to parks and rest stops. Full of black and white photos of vintage porn studs. Measures 7x8.5". 45 pages Stapled zine with cardstock covers and risograph spot color.

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