Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Poster


About this product

The laid-in large folded Giger poster titled Frankenchrist (from the original 1985 Dead Kennedys album). The color poster has a thick blue border with white stars. The banned poster’s artwork “came to a greater level of attention during the trial of vocalist Jello Biafra after his band the Dead Kennedys featured it as a poster included with their 1985 album Frankenchrist. Penis Landscape, or Work 219: Landscape XX, is a painting by H.R. Giger. Created in 1973, airbrushed acrylic on paper-covered wood, it depicts a number of penises entering vaginas, arranged in an alternating pattern. One is wearing a condom. Biafra wanted to use the piece on the upcoming album cover. He presented the idea to the other members of the band, but the idea was rejected as the album cover. Finally it was accepted as an inserted poster. The poster was printed and inserted in the Frankenchrist album with an additional sticker on the outside shrinkwrap, warning buyers of the contents. The resulting trial for obscenity nearly drove the Alternative Tentacles label into bankruptcy”. Measures 24 X 20″

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