Doris Fish Blonde Sin Flyer


About this product

Original promotional flyer for Blonde Sin starring Doris Fish and Sluts also starring Miss Jane Dornacker with Timmy Spence. Six weeks February 14 thru March 18, 1980 at Hotel Utah. Doris Fish was the stage name for Philip Mills, who came to the U.S. from Australia and took his name from Doris Day and a cat named Lillian Fish. In 1979 Doris Fish, Tippi and Miss X were performing Sluts A Go-Go, which would, within the next year, evolve into the play Blonde Sin. Although the reviews may not have been favorable, the play was a hit. It ran from September 1980 to April 1981. Tim Spence, who was the musical director of Blonde Sin, told me: “Blonde Sin was very popular. Hotel Utah was really small. You could only fit at most 81 people into the room. After New Year’s Eve (when Jane Dornacker joined the cast) it was even more popular. People would come more than once. Jane was a seasoned performer and was very popular. Doris liked that Jane was bigger and taller than she was.” -BAR. Measures 8.5×11″

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