Doris Fish Let’s Get Crazy


About this product

Doris Fish Let’s Get Crazy show poster, December 1984, Oasis, San Francisco. Also Tippi, Freda Lay and Tommy Rot, And from the Planet Remulak the “Space Band* MC: Phillip R. Ford. D.J.: Paul Joseph And Friends Preview: “VEGAS IN SPACE”. Doris Fish was an Australian-born drag performer, actor, writer and artist. He co-wrote and starred in the cult classic film “Vegas in Space,” performed with the drag group Sluts-A-Go-Go, protested the exclusion of drag performers from Pride parades, and increased national visibility of drag. Fish became one of the most prominent and beloved drag queens in 1980s San Francisco until his death from AIDS complications in 1991. Measures 11 x 17 inches.

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