Pleasure Point Pamphlet


About this product

Promotional 4 page pamphlet for Pleasure Point pt 1 by Falcon Studios from 1975. Action Sequence: opens on the genuine “Pleasure Point” sign at Santa Cruz, cuts to Joe Markum applying lotion to himself as he sits on a rocky shelf at the base of the cliff, looking out at the surfers. Camera picks up two in full wet suits, paddling in to the beach. They come up to the rock, speak to Joe, and he waves them up on his rock. They talk some, then Joe plays footsie with one of them. Camera picks up some long haired blonde local surfers passing on the beach. All three of the guys on the rock then hike up the trail to the tops of the cliff, mount the boards on top of the twins’ wagon, peel out of the wet suits, and take off in Joe’s car. In a very handsome room in front of a fireplace, the twins are served coffee. Measures 8.5″ x 11″

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