Gangway Gay Bar Postcard


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Gangway Gay Bar Postcard. “Anchor Ass, as you will see in living color every day at the GANGWAY, 841 Larkin St. San Francisco.” Photo by Henri I. Leleu. “The Gangway first opened as a bar in 1910 and had its first same-sex police raid only a year later. During Prohibition it converted into a restaurant and moved the bar into a speakeasy in the basement. The sailor-themed nightclub came out of the closet in 1961 and has operated openly as a gay bar for the last 56 years. At 107-years-old the bar is in the running for one of the oldest gay bars in the country and holds the uncontested title of oldest gay bar in San Francisco.” – Marke B. Measures 4″ x 5″ The Gangway (circa 1973); photo by Henri Leleu from the archives of The GLBT Historical Society.

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