Gunther Keller Poster


About this product

Centerfold poster of Gunther Keller photographed by Jim French / Colt Studios from HONCHO Magazine October 1978. “Gunther Keller looks as though he was made to wear leather, or maybe that leather was made to be worn by him. His cowboy image last month was realistic enough, but there’s something about the look of that cyclist cap and jacket that says Gunther is even more at home in black leather. Thickly muscled thighs, super hairy chest, a penetrating gaze that means business: all these things add up to a damned imposing package. As for the rest of the equipment, we think you’ll agree everything’s there in perfect proportion. If you like your men brawny and all male, Gunther should fit that criteria perfectly-a leather man dreams are made of.” Measures 17 x 22 inches.

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