Head book promotional flyer


About this product

Promotional one sheet for Head a book on phalluses by Glen Talbot Associates of Burbank CA who sold film stills and alleged nude photographs of celebrities. “Your introduction to the most unique photography of its kind. Through the magic of the close-up lens camera, this 100 page book brings you page after page of close-up shots of that perfect symbol of male masculinity, the head of a phallus. No two are alike. Each is different with a personality of its own. Over ninety individual heads. The circumcised, the uncircumcised. The mushroom shaped, the pointed. Seen in various stages of excitement, sometimes to full climax. But always, close up. Photography at its finest in the most sensual book of our time. Nowhere else is there a collection of this magnitude and beauty. Especially featured are close-ups of the heads of some of the superstars. Ray Fuller, John Holmes, Monte Hansen, Bill Elb, Dakota, Mike Savage, Gary Boyd, Gordon Grant, just to name a few!” Measures 8×11 inches.

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