Holly Woodlawn Poster


About this product

Vintage poster for Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn performing live at Bimbo’s in San Francisco in 1976. Photo by Mikel Covey. Design by Alan Purcell. After a week long cabaret engagement back in Florida where she visited her parents, Holly Woodlawn was enticed to go to San Francisco by an offer from a producer to earn $1,500 for playing a week at Bimbos. She bombed and the producer disappeared without paying her. She moved in with some fans who hung out at the same bar. To get money to move back to her apartment in New York, she worked at an answering service on Castro Street, but then got a phone call from the person subletting her apartment in NY who told her that it had been gutted by a fire and everything she owned had been destroyed. Holly then got evicted from her San Francisco apartment because the kids with whom she lived hadn’t paid the rent for two months. Holly then rang her parents and pleaded for a ticket to New York. Measures 22 x 28 inches.

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