Hun Comics #4


About this product

Hun Comics #4 set. “PASTIMES AT SHADY NOOK!” 22 double-sided prints self-published by the artist, 1989. Hun Comics #4 attempts toilet fantasies, nicely drawn and very well written. The Hun may be remembered for the exaggerations of “erotic grotesque” This volume is fantasy in its entirety. It is offered only for the interested adult patron’s private, one-handed entertainment. There is no suggestion or encouragement here for the patron to actually do in real life any of the interpersonal activities that allegedly go on at Shady Nook! Bill Schmeling, a.k.a. “The Hun”, was a Portland, Oregon based, homoerotic, homomasculine fetish artist active in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. This individually packaged set was offered by Schmeling and comes in its original envelope. Measures 8.5×11″

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