Impulse – Volume 10 Number 3, Spring/Summer 1983


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Impulse – Volume 10 Number 2, Winter 1982. Published in Canada. Table of Contents: Terence Sellers, ‘The Correct Sadist’; Dr. Henry Morgentaler vs. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, ‘To Be Or Not To Be?’; David Lake, ‘Executive Targets: Industrial Espionage’; Robert Stewart, ‘Causation Of Abstract Relations’; Judith Doyle, ‘Rate Of Descent’; Roger Peyrefitte, ‘Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden’; Joel Peter Witkin, ‘Penitente’, ‘Angel of the Carrots’, ‘The Sins of Juan Miró’; Lori Spring, ‘Western Perspectives On Japanese Cinema’; Vincent Tangredi, ‘Of The Four Considerations’; Anne Turyn, ‘Lessons and Notes’; Eldon Garnet, ‘Caves’; Jody Berland, ‘Re/Percussions: Drumming In The Age Of Electronic Reproduction’; Jean Baudrillard, ‘Nuclear Implosion’; Sylvère Lotringer Interviews Jean Baudrillard, ‘Dropping Out Of History’.

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