Impulse – Volume 10 Number 4, Fall 1983


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Impulse – Volume 10 Number 4, Fall 1983 Published in Canada. Table of Contents: Edward Slopek, ‘TV Scanners Entraining: Going Berserk On The Crest Of The Third Wave’; Andy Payne, ‘Father, Discourse and Identity: Notes Towards A Reading Of Hamlet’; Gerald Owen, ‘The Neo-Conservatives’; Andrew James Paterson, ‘Love Songs’; Ara Rose Parker, ‘The Status Of Women’; Sylvère Lotringer Interviews Fadi Mitri, ‘Framing Death’; Maurice Blanchot, ‘The Right Time’; Donna Wyszomierski, ‘More Time On His Hands; ‘Ecological Disease’; Carolyn White, ‘Targeted Training’; Hans Haacke, ‘Voici Alcan’; Paul Collins, ‘Implied Writing’; Brian Boigon, ‘I Got The Frights’.

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