Iris. A Gay Men's Literary Review


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Iris. A Gay/LesbianLiterary Review, Premiere Issue, Winter 1993. "We are proud to present the premier issue of IRIS, a Gay/Lesbian literary quarterly magazine. We hope you enjoy our selections for this printing. The initial objective of the magazine was to provide an outlet for Gay/Lesbian writers and artists to see their work published. The title of this magazine derives from several sources. Iris, the flower, has both male and female sex glands. In Greek mythology Iris, a messenger of Zeus, is the goddess of the rainbow (the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign). The iris gives color to the eye and, as in a camera, acts like a diaphragm, affecting how we see. Cover artwork by Judy Eubanks. Featuring David A. Kelly, G. Crawford, Scorpio, Ken Anderson, Hugh Thompson, Bill Bagwell, David Brendan Hopes, Terri Leigh and more." 70 pages

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