John Wilcock’s Other Scenes


About this product

Other Scenes: The International Newspaper – Third Year, No.6 (June 1-14, 1969) edited by John Wilcock. Described in the masthead as “a revolutionary newsletter concerned with art, politics, sociology, sex and the creation of a more equitable society,” Other Scenes was heavily influenced by both the Fluxus and mail-art movements as well as Andy Warhol’s avant-pop aesthetic. Contributions by David Bourdon, Brigid Polk, Sheila Golden, Chacho Guemes, David Ramsay Steele, Karry and Cara Thornley, John Webster, Joe Brainard, Robert Cordier, Robert Zimmerman, Yoko Ono and others. Cover photo of Brigid Berlin making a tit print with Andy Warhol by Shunk-Kender. Also include a giant fold out poster with more text and illustrations. 24 pages.

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