Kiss of Fire by Barbara Nitke


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Kiss of Fire by Barbara Nitke. First edition Hardcover 2003. Since the mid-1990s, New York-based photographer Barbara Nitke has devoted her artistic work to the sado-maso scene. Dispelling all of the common stereotypes, her images show this world from a more romantic side, attesting to the deep affection and large measure of trust felt by those involved. In moving images and her own words, she tells of emotions that were expressed behind the camera in her conversations with her subjects and which she tried to evoke in her choice of photographic means. A rare view of the romantic side of sadomasochism, Barbara Nitke’s photographs explore the intimacy, trust, and great joy found in these relationships. The work is presented here in a beautiful edition of about 70 duotones, with text by A.D. Coleman. 103 pages. Text in German and English.

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