Man to Man Encounters 8mm Film


About this product

Man to Man Encounters 8mm film loop “Fired” directed by William Higgins in 1981. In this scene from “Rear Deliveries,” a hunk who’s screwed up on the job gets fired, but not before he gets what’s coming to him from muscular Lee Marlin! Lee Marlin, Ben Barker, Shawn Victor are standing around at the end of the day when Rob Stevens interrupts them to chew them out. He has just asked Lee Marlin what happened to the teeth when Ben Barker slips and knocks over boxes. That’s the last straw for Rob who orders him to turn in his uniform shirt because he is fired. Lee says “You want the shirt?” and starts ripping it off the little guy. The other two join in and strip the protesting Ben out of his clothes…

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