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MAN2MAN ISSUE #2 DECEMBER 1980/ JANUARY 1981. THE DOCUMENTARY J/OURNAL OF HOMOMASCULINITY. A Man’s One-handed Guide To Hard2Find Celebrations. Small format zine published by Mark Hemry and edited by Jack Fritscher after he left Drummer Magazine. Logo by A JAY. Cover Design: David Hurles. Contents: • A SUCKER FOR UNCUT MEAT. Fucking inside a juicy USMC foreskin • DR. STRANGELOVE.Fetish cruising • CLOTHES HARVESTING: BIG BEEFY COLLEGE JOCKS • NEW FICTION: S AND M RANCH.Lightyears from Castro up in Sonoma • PRIEST: THIS IS MY BODY Hustling in Chicago by Phil Andros • MANIMALS: PERSONAL ADSCENARIOS Let your MANIMALS adscenario liberate you from the “Gay Sex Top Ten” and tell men who you really are! • CENTERSPREAD: STAR… by Old Reliable. Rough trade with a fresh knife wound • ADVENTURES OF DENNY SARGENT (Part 2) Denny meets filthbiker SAM and cums to his first taste of leather, S&M, and man-to-man sex-wrestling • EXCERPTS FOR THE PURPOSE OF RFVIEW • TOUGH ROCKS: STRANGE STUFF FROM THE UNREAL WORLD

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