National Tattler Exorcism


About this product

National Tattler Special Edition on Exorcism published to capitalize on The Exorcist film mania sweeping the nation in early 1974. Interviews with author, director, and stars of The Exorcist. Exclusive first-person account by a woman who was possessed. An interview with the Catholic Church’s foremost living exorcist. The history of exorcism and who performs it today. Linda Blair color cover photo, all other interior photos of Blair, Ellyn Burstyn, Jason Miller, Max Von Sydow, Kitty Winn, William Friedkin, and William Peter Blatty are in B&W. Because Warner wouldn’t release Dick Smith’s make-up shots of Linda/Regan, the Tattler shows them “through simulation and posed by a professional model.” Besides articles on The Exorcist movie, you get pieces on the 1949 case the book was based on, Shirley MacLaine, Anton LaVey, Billy Graham and Jeane Dixon rants. Top psycholgists debate whether or not you could become possessed by a demon. The demonic hierarchy and how to fight it. The actual case that became the basis for the movie happened in 1949. And much, much more. 32 pages, Tabloid Newspaper measures 11.25 x 15 inches.

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