Never Again! Fight Back! Poster


About this product

“Never Again! Fight Back!” (San Francisco: Too Much Graphics, 1978) silk screened poster sold as a fundraiser for the No on Six campaign. A classic of genderqueer militancy created in response to the campaign against the Briggs Initiative. The 1978 California ballot measure would have banned gay and lesbian people and their supporters from teaching in the state’s public schools. According to designer Larry Hermsen and fellow collective member Michael Starkman, “The people that were coordinating the speakers for public events against the Briggs Initiative did not want sissy men to participate, so we made our posters as a way to contribute to the efforts against the initiative.” The design features an image of Silvano Nova an artist and noted drag performer in San Francisco in the 1970s. The Pink Triangle was used by the nazis in concentration camps to identify and shame homosexuals. This symbol has been re-used by the gay community as a symbol of pride. Measures 26″ x 23″

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