Once Upon A Time… Paintings, Drawings And Tall Tales


About this product

Once Upon A Time… Paintings, Drawings And Tall Tales By Jeremy Fish. Leather Bound / Gold Embossed Edition. San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish uses a recurring cast of characters to tell tall tales through his finely rendered paintings and illustrations. A bunny, the sea captain, the fish creatures, the winged skull and others recur in various combinations of fins, hands, wings and peg legs like a zoological fantasia with a surreal narrative. Fish has worked with Nike, creating a design for the Air Classic sneaker, designed countless skateboard decks and vinyl toys and most notably, collaborated with hip hop artist Aesop Rock for whom he designed the cover art and packaging for his album None Shall Pass as well as the 2006 release The Next Best Thing, an interactive children s book with a limited edition vinyl 7 . Once Upon a Time delivers Jeremy’s newest painting and sculptures and offers another glimpse into the cute and creepy world populated from the fertile mind of this internationally recognized artist. 128 pages, full color.

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