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Praxis Magazine No. 1 June 1979. A short-lived art, music, and design magazine with a New Wave and Punk aesthetic that came out of Chicago in 1979-80, and was hardly distributed outside. An experimental magazine publishing a mix between pop culture, high art, fashion, poetry and punk music. Articles and interviews on music groups. profiles on fashion designers Elio Fiorucci and Thierry Mugler, contributions from poets Jerome Sala, Elaine Equi, Gerard Malanga, and photographers Michael Weinstein, Bill Edmundson, Alan Bass, Jim Elliott, etc. Music groups include 8-Eyed Spy, Gang of Four, the Buzzcocks, B-52s, Roxy Music, Pere Ubu, the Cramps, Robert Fripp, Tuxedomoon, Peter Murphy. Measures 12 x12 inches. Mint condition dead stock.

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