Querelle Movie Poster by Andy Warhol 1982


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This is a Pop-Art period German movie poster for the film Querelle, directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and adapted from the novel by Jean Genet. Fassbinder commissioned Andy Warhol to design the poster for this film, a quasi surrealist tale about two young sailors’ experiences and escapades in a French port. The image for the poster, which was created in two other colors, blue and green, was based on a Polaroid Warhol took of two young men. This image is an idealized representation of the men’s features, on a bold white background, marked with fluid black lines outlining the figures, and a bright red tongue. In this poster, Warhol uses a violently sensual minimalism to encapsulate the feeling of Genet’s novel and Fassbinder’s film. This poster was printed by Verlag und Alleinvertrieb Universal Prints, Hamburg, 1982. Mounted on sturdy board backing. Measures 21.5" x 34"

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