Real Life Magazine March 1980


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Real Life Magazine March 1980. Editorial project of Thomas Lawson, this artists’ publication features artist interviews, reviews and essays chronicling the “post modern” art scene of New York from the 70s to the 80s. Features in this issue: “Primary Transfers” by Richard Prince, “The Destroyed Room of Jeff Wall” by Dan Graham, “Fashion Moda: An Interview by Thomas Lawson”, “Trash Drugs and Male Bonding” by Kim Gordon, “Going Places” by Thomas Lawson, “Laurie Spiegel” by Steven Fraccaro, “Inserted Realities: Corner Insert” by Dara Birnbaum, and an interview with Michael Hurson by Susan Morgan. In 1980, before Sonic Youth formed, Kim Gordon wrote an essay about No Wave testosterone in this issue, called ‘Trash Drugs and Male Bonding’, deciphering a Rhys Chatham performance as a ritual of male intimacy through musical heroics.

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