Recreational Drugs


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Recreational Drugs by Lawrence Young, Marjorie Klein, Dorianne Beyer (Berkley Edition 1979) “This book could be a valuable resource guide for those who work in the drug use and abuse field. The introduction suggests that it is important to know the effects of specific drugs in order to dispel myths as well as honestly consider potential harmful side effects of drugs which have been considered relatively harmless. Well-known drugs are discussed at some length, starting with a seven-page entry on alcohol. Lesser known drugs such as banana skins receive proportionately less discussion, along with other pseudo drugs such as California poppy. It is fairly amazing to me that there are so many possibilities for those who recreate with drugs, and I was especially stunned to find that many of my garden favorites can be someone else’s hallucinogenic delight. The nicknames for many of the drugs listed are often duplicative, illustrating the potential dangers of street purchases, as well as the general confusion among consumers about what they are buying and using. The style of the authors is hip, and matter-of-fact without being cavalier; they neither endorse nor censure. They have not failed to illustrate potential dangers of specific drugs, a service not usually available elsewhere. This book could be useful to anyone who is in the habit of smoking, eating, or otherwise ingesting new and interesting plant life, or chemical substitutes.” 240 pages.

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