Stars Poster


About this product

STARS presented by The Creative Power Foundation on May 27, 1978 Pier 19 San Francisco. “Stars,’ the party sequel to “Night Flight,” is remembered by many as the pacesetter in this unique San Francisco entertainment phenomenon. Sylvester’s 1979 disco album “Stars,” was named after this megaparty, where “Over 4000 people attended the celebration which was planned to turn people’s fantasy into reality.” When Sylvester was invited to appear at the Stars party at the Embarcadero in May 1978 he was inspired to write the song “Stars” to celebrate the event. Stars was a huge disco extravaganza and set the standard for future parties in San Francisco. When you purchased your ticket for Stars you were given a can that included this poster, a brochure and a T-Shirt. The poster is the names of those involved in its production. Measures 34 x 6.25 inches. Offset lithograph on glossy cardstock.

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