The Academy VHS


About this product

The Academy starring Marti Fraser VHS tape. Cal Star Direct, Bondage Video from 1992. Lord Horfield has lost his patience . . . so Lady Mary is sent off to a discreet correctional school run by an instructor skilled in the training of haughty wives of the rich and famous. In a wink Lady Mary is trussed up in the tightest of bondage ever . . . her mouth stuffed with a bitter tasting leather gag, her posture corrected by a wide collar, her elbows strapped together tightly behind her arched back. Although it will seem like an eternity to Lady Mary, Lord Horfield will have an obedient, submissive wife sent back to him in just days. A 60 MINUTE FEATURE FILM ON VIDEOTAPE IN LIVE SOUND AND VIVID COLOR — ADULTS ONLY!.

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