The Faustus Contract (The early novels of Larry Townsend)


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The Faustus Contract (The early novels of Larry Townsend). Published in 1982. 64 pages.

"Originally written to be published as THE FAUSTUS CONTRACT, but subsequently released as BILLY'CLUB, this novel came out in the middle of my most prolific period. The characters are composites and widely extended characters of people whose life spaces crossed mine during this period. Some are no longer living; others have drifted into other areas of space and orientations; the rest are purely fictional. Although the story was written well before the terrible crimes of the 1970's, there is some projection here of the dreadful events which were - at the time of writing - still yet to come. The novel was uncut in its original printing, and is presented here in its full version." Includes over 20 black and white photos of men in bondage. Slight tear on front cover in upper right corner. Measures 8.5 x 11"

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