The Hun In The Barn print set


About this product

The Hun IN THE BARN print set. Includes 12 prints self-published by the artist in December 1987. Also includes a type-written info sheet signed by The Hun. “I believe the originals for this set were drawn in 1971. You may chuckle at the long hair, the bell bottoms, and the generally primitive, proto-Hunesque, workmanship in these drawings. I certainly do! These were drawn when it was illegal to do so… to possess them… to show them around, even to carefully chosen friends… much less to market them to decent folks like yourself!” “The Hun” was Bill Schmeling, a Portland based homoerotic, homomasculine fetish artist. This individually packaged set was offered by Schmeling and comes in its original envelope. Measures 8.5 x 11 inches

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