Tom of Finland: Pants Down Sailor


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Tom of Finland - Kake 18: Pants Down Sailor 8.5" by 11" softcover magazine published 1985. 32 full-page black & white illustrations. Tom of Finland is the artist name of Finnish Touko Laaksonen (1920 – 1991). "Laaksonen founded the gay utopia, or gay Olympus in which male bodies were ‘pumped’ and available, their bodies sculpted to hypertrophied perfection. Sailors feature prominently among the pantheon of gay clones that cavort and pose throughout Tom’s work. His sailors are often depicted having group sex with other sailors on board a ship or fellating or being anally penetrated by leather men. On the cover of Kake 18: Pants Down Sailor, Laaksonen’s popular cartoon series, a leather man dressed in fetish gear, leather pants and jacket, bikers cap, and combat boots is kneeling in front of a burly sailor holding his large, erect penis about to perform fellatio. The sailor towers above him, pushing the leather man’s torso towards his crotch." - Adam Geczy

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