Tron Magazine


About this product

Tron Magazine, Official Giant Collectors’ Edition was published by Paradise Press for Walt Disney Productions; Includes pictures of the cast in character, as well as Character Profiles – Flynn/Clue; Dillinger/ sark; Gibbs/Dumont; Lora/Yori; Alan/Tron; The Story of Tron – The Intruder; The real World; Into the Electronic World; the Game Grid; The Ring Game; The Lightcycle game; Yori; Lightcycle Game; to the Factory City; The I/O Tower and the Solar Sailer; Solar Sailer; Sark’s Carrier; Death of the MCP; Behind the Scenes. Slick paper-stock measures 11 x 16 inches (center poster unfolds to 22 x 26 inches).

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