VILE International Vol 3 No.1


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VILE International Vol 3 No.1 - Christmas special. Published December 1975 by Anna Banana/Bill Gaglione. Measures: 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". VILE magazine (a parody of FILE magazine by A.A. Bronson) is an early Mail Art publication featuring Genesis P-Orridge, Monte Cazazza, Bay Area DADA disruptionists like Bill Gaglione. Irene Dogmatic (Punk band SST), plus Ray Johnson, Dick Higgins, and others. Chock-full of crazy collages, photos, artworks, letters, essays, drawings and fake ads for non-existent products, this is one of the unknown underground’s essential canonic publications, bursting at the seams with lasting humor and absurdity a la Alfred Jarry.

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