AME DE BOUE - Finitudes LP


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A1 Again
A2 La Neige Sale
A3 Wenn Das Licht Ausgehen Wird
A4 Boring Street
A5 The Architect At His Drawning Board
A6 Orage Èlectrique
B1 Unexpectable Overload Of Nostalgia
B2 Freedom Would Kill Us
B3 Wielka Próznia
B4 C'est L'Hiver
B5 Cinematics
B6 Le Disculpo A Todos
B7 As The World...

Multilingual Industrial/Cold Wave with flavoured EBM. Songs in French, German, Spanish and Polish language. AME DE BOUE is a one man band. Dasz is a member of ILLUSTRATION SONORE and DOLINA.

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