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A1 A Showdown Of Sorts
A2 Showing Them
A3 So Slow
A4 Hero
B1 Wits
B2 The Rouge Became
B3 Fumes In Suits
B4 Parallels

Bronze is an exercise in impulse. Bronze is also the San fRancisco based trioof Brian Hock, Rob Spector, and Miles Friction the latest addition to the RVNG Intl. family with their debut album, "Copper". In early 2006, Hock moved back to his native San Francisco from Berlin and took up residence with Spector in the warehouse / show space known as the Cave. The two conspired to start a new live project and enlisted the help of Friction to for Bronze. After preliminary attempts to find the right environment to house the Copper Club, the Secret Society of the Bronze Age, Miles founded the Trojan Cavern in San Fran's Dogpatch neighborhood. From this outpost, Bronze undergo disciplined training exercises in various weaponry, sonic hypnosis, horticulture and all-important copper talk. It's also from the Trojan compound that "Copper" was created. Stream-of-consciousness lyrical cooing and restrained analogue trickery rest atop constant cog rotation grooves on "Copper". These elements yield a truly conductive album, abundant in compositions that beg for a listener's oxidising ear. Commencing with "A Showroom Of Sorts", the record assumes a vague narrative aided by the allure of Tuxedomoon / Ralph Records-y exoticism, albeit less claustrophobic. "Showing Them" staggers into even Wierd-er territory, with eye flashes and spots of Legendary Pink Dots. "So Slow" and "The Rouge Became" are sister tracks fallen not far from the same Silver Apple(s) tree. "Wits" and "Fumes In Suits" counter clockwise like a high pressure Units track and place "Copper" in the lexicon of San Francisco synthesized and syncopated anti-stardom.

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