Dalhous - An Ambassador For Laing LP

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A1 He Was Human And Belonged With Humans
A2 The Physical Body
A3 Anger Sees Red
A4 Who's Here, You're Here, I'm Here…
A5 Dalhous
B1 The Cruel Practice Of Art
B2 Eros, Love And Lies
B3 A White, White Day
B4 Dreamers Of Decadence

Boomkat Product Review:
Dalhous deliver an engrossing debut for Blackest Ever Black. 'An Ambassador For Laing' is the Edinburgh-based duo, Marc Dall and Alex Ander's 2nd LP together - they've previously recorded one as Young Hunting - and continues to exchange their more melodramatic inclinations for richly filmic atmospheres and intricate, rhythm-driven and song-like arrangements hinting at a dreamy jazz noir and IDM-esque feel. Employing a rigorously refined palette of keys, harp, vibraphone, guitar, woodwind, strings and synthesizer, processed in layers of frictional harmony with heavily treated vocals, they've achieved a complex and tightly woven brace of instrumental songs where nothing is left to chance and everything is placed with purpose and precision. To us, the results recall everyone from Bola to Vertical Form's Corker/Conboy and even fellow Scots, Christ or BoC in their complexity and vision, augmenting traces of their instrument's original, tactile timbres in surreal headspace to create chimeric, wretched structures burning with psychedelic detail.

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