David Microwave Javelosa - Atomic Odyssey


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Neon Pink Vinyl Limited to 500 copies

      01 Astro Lounge! (stereo test)
      02 Luscious Lobby
      03 Planetary Samba
      04 Venus Vacation
      05 Strolling the Strip
      06 Launchpad Showdown
      07 Return to Luscious Lobby
      08 The Girl from Ganymede
      09 Tropical Planet
      10 Groovy Gulch
      11 Luscious Lobby Encounter
      12 Sky Rocket Sunsets
      13 Holiday in the Sky
      14 Make Me Say It Until Next Time

Ultimate synth lounge collection of last century modern tunes by David Microwave Javelosa from 1998, limited edition on pink vinyl! Space age, lounge electronica, chip tune, game sounds.
Limited to 500 copies.

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Weight 20 oz
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