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A1. Almuerzo Desnudo 03:25
A2. Di Hola Zapato 04:14
A3. Gerardo 03:08
B1. Maquinismo Operatorio 04:00
B2. España y Cuba 03:51
B3. Santiago 03:19

Fernando Gallego is not a music band which we can define as ‘common’, on the contrary. This group from Burriana, successor of Funeraria Vergara, started its history back in the early 1984, (after Juan Luis Montoliu left), and it ended in 1986 with the emergence of the project "Decúbito Supino". Their usage of some synthesizers, amongst other gadgets, keyboards and large petrol cans, was the distinctive feature as regards to their predecessor band; such an echo defined a much more industrial and electronic sound, closer to early EBM. As it happened with Funeraria Vergara, the disconnection or isolation towards something which might be classified as ‘local scene’ or similarity, which was the most common thing, given the circumstances… Castellón, in those times, did not have many ways to let people know his music, and even less that one made by other groups similar to FG, either in style or musically speaking. This fact helped to define a unique and original identity, even more if possible, taking into account the personality and character of each of its members. FG didn’t get to publish anything at all until 2012, when one of his songs (Almuerzo Desnudo) appeared in the compilation Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 (Domestica Records, Ref.DOM03-L).

Edition of 300 copies. Comes with DIN A3-sized poster printed double sided and free download code with exclusive digital bonus track.

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